So far this season we have shown you the power of music for social change in Memphis, that laughter really is the best medicine in Shear Madness and that ANYTHING is possible with a little magic in Mary Poppins. Patron response has been overwhelming and touching.

"I am forever grateful for the transformation I felt that night, and for the gift you offer us each night we attend." - M. Tarrant, Season Subscriber 

“I hope Phoenix Theatre knows how their production, direction, and acting changed the mind of one very conservative lady. This is the power of theater and the arts!" - Susan Meacham, Single Ticket Buyer 

“Some of your productions were the only times I remember my Dad actually laughing out loud. I shared this with my sister, and she wished she could have seen it. Your plays bring more joy and memories to people than you'll ever know. Thanks!" -Rebecca Flowers, Patron 

These patrons’ lives have been touched season after season. Their stories might inspire you to ask yourself...


We asked three passionate donors just like you, and their stories are inspirational!

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