Frequently Asked Questions

1. instructions on how to submit a video audition for season generals

2. What if I missed submitting my video audition for the season general auditions? Can I submit for the season?

Yes. Please email the following to

  1. Your video audition
    1. 16 bar cuttings of two songs (for musical auditions ONLY)
    2. 1 to 1 1/2 minute monologue (1 for musical auditions, 2 for straight play auditions
  2. Headshot
  3. Resume
  4. Filled out audition form 
  5. If submitting video auditions, links to hosted video sites (YouTube private, Drop box, etc…) and/or email friendly QT or WM files are acceptable.

3. Will there be a dance call? How will that work considering social distancing?

Considering the times, the season general dance call will be a video audition as well. If we feel that we need to see you dance for a season dance general, you will receive videos of dance combinations for you to learn. Your video audition must be received by the time and date indicated on the callback email.

4. What Should I prepare?

For Non- Musical (straight play) auditions you should prepare 2 contrasting monologues, no more than 1 1/2 min each.

For Musical auditions you should prepare 16 bars of an up-tempo song; 16 bars of a ballad and 1-1 1/2 min monologue. You will only sing one song for your audition. The second song will be sung upon request.  

5. How strict are they on “16 bars”?

Considering that all auditions are video submissions this year, we can not stop you if you go over 16 bars. But in extreme cases, we will note a lack of honoring directions.

6. Is it okay if my monologue goes slightly over the time limit?

Yes, but again please do your best to keep it under 1 1/2 min. See above.

7. When will I hear about callbacks for individual shows?

For Callbacks, the Phoenix Theatre artistic staff, in consultation with directors, invites individual actors to read, sing and/or dance for roles in specific productions. These callbacks are based on participation in the General Auditions and are held throughout the year on an invitation-only basis. We will try and hold callbacks for the first few shows of the season as close to generals as we can. Callback notifications for shows are done via email and/or phone.

Please note: Due to the current social-distancing mandate, the first 3 shows will be done by Zoom. If you receive a callback for a show, you will receive an email with a day and time as well as a link for a Zoom session.

8. Who will be reviewing the video submissions when I audition?

Michael Barnard (Producing Artistic Director)

Robbie Harper (Associate Artistic Director)

Alan Ruch (Resident Musical Director)

Pasha Yamotahari (Associate Producing Director/Director of Casting)

Other people may be present I.E. directors/ Assistant Directors for the season.

9. Can I use karaoke tracks for my season video audition?


10. Can I accompany myself on my video audition on piano or guitar?


11. How will I be contacted for callbacks?

We typically send an e-mail with callback information; in a few cases we will make phone calls.  Please note that the e-mail attached to your audition slot account is the one we will use to contact you for callbacks so please make sure it’s correct when you sign up for your audition.