Class Descriptions

Summer of Dance is about developing skill, sweating and having fun. This program is about creating community and encouraging each other to push beyond boundaries and develop a stronger level of physical control and expression. Combinations are not repeated so if you miss a class, you will not fall behind. 

Summer of Dance JRs are welcome to take the 6pm classes, Monday through Thursday. All other classes for 16+ will require instructor permission. Absolutely no dancer under 16 will be allowing to attend the Burlesque/Fosse class.

Musical Theatre 1: This class focuses on basic terminology, character, technique development and combination retention. Good for beginners or dancers who are looking to brush up their skills and technique. Appropriate dance shoes are recommended: jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, or character shoes.

Musical Theatre 2: Exploring the various styles of dance that musical theatre encompasses, we teach and reinforce technique and terminology. The level of this class varies, but is generally considered intermediate to advanced. Beginners are encouraged to take Musical Theatre 1. Please wear dance shoes: jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, or character shoes.

Musical Theatre 3: This class is for the advanced dancer. The teachers and styles may change from week to week. Audition situations will be the focus of this class so come prepared to learn quickly. Feedback will be given. Appropriate dance shoes required: jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, or character shoes.

Tap 1: We will focus on the fundamental building blocks of tap including terminology, technique, balance, weight shift, and clarity of sound. We welcome the “never tapped before” dancer or the “I took a class one time in college” performer. (It’s always good to review the basics!) All levels welcome. Tap shoes recommended.

Tap 2: This class moves a little faster than Tap 1. It still reinforces the same building blocks but introduces more combination work. (good for beginner/intermediate levels or for dancers looking to brush up their skills) Tap shoes recommended.

Tap 3: This intermediate/advanced class moves faster than the beginning class and focuses more on pick-ups, pull backs, and intricate combination sequences. Not recommended for beginners. Tap shoes required.

Techno Ballet: Focusing on terminology, strengthening, and stretching, it's ballet performed to a funky beat. This class is open to all levels, however, the more advanced ballet students might find it more intermediate. This class will create line, strength, flow of movement, control, balance, and foundation of terminology essential in all forms of dance. Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Ballet shoes or bear claws are ideal.

Contemporary Dance: This class introduces a modern dance sensibility and focuses on technique and expression. All levels are encouraged to attend but this class will favor an intermediate or advanced dancer. Floor work and leaps are included. Please ask instructor for alternate moves if needed. Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Bare feet are acceptable.

Turns and Leaps: This class will develop your balance, technique, strength and understanding of the art of turning and jumping. We recommend this class for the student who intends to make a profession in musical theatre. Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Street sneakers not recommend.

Hip Hop: This class for the student who loves the dancing they see in a music video. This fresh new sensibility will challenge dancers of all levels. This class is fun, fast-paced and focuses on isolation, weight shift, strength and endurance. Combinations change every class. All are encouraged to attend but the beginner dancer will need to have patience and determination. Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Street sneakers are okay.

Burlesque/Fosse: This class celebrates the style that Bob Fosse made so famous. Not intended for dancers 15 and under, this class uses the power of body isolations and sexuality to evoke expression. We’re bringing sexy back.