New Stages: An Online Educational Theatre Experience

Next Stages Online


In addition to our in person classes this summer we will also be offering distance learning options. This summer’s Next Stages offerings have been cultivated for campers based on expressed interest as well as curriculum that best functions in the virtual environment. All Next Stages classes will be held on Zoom.


Ages 8 - 17

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Ages 10 - 12

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Ages 12 - 17

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Ages 13+

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Write it! Direct it! Act it!

JUNE 21 - JUNE 25
Monday – Friday       10:00AM – 3:00PM       Ages: 10 – 12       $200

The course focuses on the creative process and teaches you how to do it all – write, direct, and act! Engaging the creative mind and imagination, students collaborate with one another to take on the role of playwright, director, and actor. Throughout the week students will work together to write, direct, and act in scenes which will be presented in a streamed sharing on Friday.


JULY 12 - JULY 16
Monday – Friday       10:00AM – 3:00PM       Ages: 12 – 17       $175

Camera Ready! as a distance learning option! This class is a student favorite and focuses on all the skills needed to be successful in the performing arts:  improvisation, public speaking, body language, memorization techniques, and more. Students build on the basics of on camera acting, learn how to get a talent agent, develop audition techniques, and better understand the business of TV, film, and stage. They present what they have learned on the last day of class with family and friends in a streamed sharing.


JULY 19 - JULY 23
Monday – Friday       10:00AM – 3:00PM       Ages: 10 – 12       $200

This class takes a closer look at well-known stories and creatively adapts them for a life on the stage. Using a book or story as source material, students are challenged to think of what happened before the story we all know, what happens after, or what the show would be like from a different character’s perspective. Students will collaborate to write and rehearse a short play based on a pre-existing story. By the end of the week the students will act out the brand new show they have written in a streamed sharing for friends and family!