Morning and Afternoon Care at The Phoenix Theatre Company

Pre & Post Camp Care


Supervised early drop off and late pick up are available each day of camp for all ages. This service does not have specific programming. Instead, campers are able to play games, read, practice for their Friday showcase, and/or relax while under the supervision of camp teaching artists.

Pre-Camp Hours    7:30AM – 9:00AM
Post-Camp Hours    3:30PM – 6:00PM

Daily Pre-Care                           $12
Daily Post-Care                         $20
Weekly Pre-Care                      $45
Weekly Post-Care                    $80
Weekly Pre & Post-Care        $125**

**With a full week of Pre and Post-Camp Care, you get the 5th day free!

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Pre-Care June 7-11

Pre-Care June 14-18

Pre-Care June 21-25

Pre-Care June 28-July 2

Pre-Care July 5-9

Pre-Care July 12-16

Pre-Care July 19-23

Pre-Care July 26-30


Post-Care June 7-11

Post-Care June 14-18

Post-Care June 21-25

Post-Care June 28-July 2

Post-Care July 5-9

Post-Care July 12-16

Post-Care July 19-23

Post-Care July 26-30

Pre and Post-Care

Pre and Post-Care June 7-11

Pre and Post-Care June 14-18

Pre and Post-Care June 21-25

Pre and Post-Care June 28-July 2

Pre and Post-Care July 5-9

Pre and Post-Care July 12-16

Pre and Post-Care July 19-23

Pre and Post-Care July 26-30