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Thursday Classes


The Covid 19 vaccination status of each student will be verified and monitored by the Summer of Dance Coordinator prior to the student attending the class. All students may take class without a mask if they provide proof of vaccination. All students who have been unable to get a vaccination are asked to continue wearing masks. 


Once you have purchased your All You Can Dance Pass or drop-in class, we will send you a link to our website which will have the Zoom class log-in information. Passholders: please keep this link—you’ll need it for future classes.

If you have problems accessing the class contact

Tap 1

Thursdays from 5pm – 6pm
Taught by Hilary Hirsch

This class focuses on the fundamental building blocks of tap including terminology, technique, balance, weight shift and clarity of sound. It’s perfect for the “never tapped before” dancer or the “I took a class one time in college” performer.  It’s always good to review the basics. All levels welcomed. Tap shoes recommended.

Tap 2

Thursdays from 6:15pm – 7:15pm
Taught by Lauran Stanis

This class moves a little faster than Tap 1. It still reinforces the same building blocks but introduces more combination work. Good for beginner/intermediate levels or for dancers looking to brush up their skills. Tap shoes recommended.

Classical Jazz

Thursdays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Taught by Lauran Stanis

This jazz technique class is heavily influenced by ballet and modern dance forms. This type is performed from the core, with clean and strong lines emanating from the hips and chest. Each week will explore the specifics of various jazz masters and their personal styles including Bob Fosse, Jack Cole, Gus Giordano, Luigi, and Matt Mattox. Look forward to strong contractions, isolations, parallel passes, shoulder twists, and hinges.