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Tuesday Classes


The Covid 19 vaccination status of each student will be verified and monitored by the Summer of Dance Coordinator prior to the student attending the class. All students may take class without a mask if they provide proof of vaccination. All students who have been unable to get a vaccination are asked to continue wearing masks. 


Once you have purchased your All You Can Dance Pass or drop-in class, we will send you a link to our website which will have the Zoom class log-in information. Passholders: please keep this link—you’ll need it for future classes.

If you have problems accessing the class contact

Musical Theatre Combo and Character

Tuesdays from 5pm – 6pm
Taught by Molly Lajoie

This class focuses on character development and retention of a combination. Technique, skills and terminology will be taught within the class with specific attention given to the acting component. This class is for movers and dancers to grow in their audition performance. Appropriate dance shoes are recommended (jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, character shoes).

Hip Hop

Tuesdays from 6:15pm – 7:15pm
Taught by Nick Flores

This class for the student who loves the dancing they see in music videos. It’s a more urban expression with a whole new sensibility that will challenge dancers of all levels. This class is fun and fast paced and focuses on isolation, weight shift, strength and endurance. Combinations change every class. All are encouraged to attend but the beginner dancer will need to have patience and determination. Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Street sneakers are okay.

Heels and Precision

Tuesdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Taught by Molly Lajoie

This class is designed to work the dancer's balance and technique in character heels required for professional auditions. Half of the class will consist of a warm-up, physical conditioning, balance, and technique in heels.  The second half will consist of a short combination with a focus on body awareness and nailing the combination perfectly, with a smile on your face! Different styles of dance will be used for the combinations, but all will be done in character heels. This class is for intermediate/advanced dancers.