Master Classes


Ages 13- 18

The Phoenix Theatre Company is invested in creating future artists. Our Master Classes are for the serious-minded students who want to learn about the industry and dive deeper into their craft. Class size is very limited to enhance the experience of our various offerings. Early registration is highly encouraged. Registration for camp includes one camp t-shirt per camper.     

To add your camper's name to the waitlist for a sold-out camp session, please email our Camp Coordinator, Kamlynn Thomas, at

Camera Ready! Acting for TV and Film

June 3-14
Monday - Friday            9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.                      
$379/2 weeks

Professional stage and screen actress, Debby Rosenthal, is back for this popular class featuring on-camera acting for TV, commercials, and movies! Students perform actual TV and movie scripts, are filmed, and then watch their results with constructive direction from Debby. The class focuses on all the skills needed to be successful in the performing arts: improvisation, public speaking, body language, memorization techniques, and more. Students learn how to get a talent agent, develop audition techniques, and better understand the business of TV, film, and stage. They share what they have learned on the last day of class with invited family and friends.  

Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Production 101

July 22 – August 2
Monday - Friday            9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.                      
$419/2 weeks

Back by popular demand! This two-week intensive is perfect for any student interested in learning about theatre production. Over the course of the program, students will work alongside Musical Theatre Intensive students, learning how to collaborate on new plays and musicals. Students receive one on one time with working professionals seeing how a production is created from start to finish. The program culminates in a presentation by the students on their design process, followed by the final performance where they run backstage elements.

Musical Theatre Intensive I: Audition Preparedness SOLD OUT

June 17 - 28
Monday - Friday            9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.                      
$499/2 weeks

Designed to develop a strong foundation of musical theatre skills for the serious-minded artist, Musical Theatre Intensive (MTI) students focus on personal strengths and weaknesses in understanding how to succeed in auditions and beyond. This one-of-a-kind program is tailored to the needs of the individual student and features both private and group class training, as well as guidance in acting, singing, and dancing from an award-winning faculty of musical theatre professionals. Students complete MTI I with a perfected audition and formal acting resume. The program culminates in a formal audition with The Phoenix Theatre Company artistic staff.  Students that participate in this course may receive an invitation to participate in MTI II.

Musical Theatre Intensive II: Performance 

July 15 – August 2
Monday - Friday            9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.                      
$649/3 weeks

The Musical Theatre Intensive II session is for select artists who are prepared for the challenge of refining their singing, dancing, and acting skills. During the three weeks of this class, students walk through scene study, script analysis, vocal technique, private voice lessons, and dance workshops. The intensive culminates in a cabaret-style showcase on The Phoenix Theatre Company’s Mainstage.  This program is by invitation or audition only.

To audition, please follow the directions below to submit a video. Video submission deadline is May 31st, 2019. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by June 7th, 2019.

Self-Tape Instructions for MTI II: Performance

Please follow these instructions carefully for a great self-taped audition.
Your video submission should include a one-minute monologue and one 32 bar cut of your song of choice.

Taping Guidelines

• Stand in front of a plain, solid-colored wall that does not have any distracting features.

• Make sure there is good lighting. The performer must be seen clearly.

• It is essential that the camera is steady, not shaky. Use a tripod.

• No hats, sunglasses, gum or props.

• No sitting or leaning, standing only.

• The performer needs to be the only person on camera.

The Performance

• Frame to a head and shoulders shot. 

• Your eye focus should be slightly above the camera.

• Your video submission should include a one-minute monologue and one 32 bar cut of your song of choice.

• If someone is reading lines with you, make sure they are off-camera and the performer must keep their focus on the reader. The reader should be standing beside the camera.

• Always have your material memorized. Understand the character. Make bold choices and take risks with your taping. 

Submitting your audition

• Your slate and performance must be contained in a single video link.

• Send your audition to via an unlisted YouTube link (see instructions below).

• An unlisted video is a type of private video that can only be viewed by people you choose. An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube's public spaces including your channel, search results or YouTube's homepage.

Uploading an unlisted video

• Create or sign into your YouTube account.

• Click on the arrow next to the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the page.

• Upload the video.

• As it is uploading, choose the setting 'unlisted'. Do not chose 'public' or 'private'.

• After selecting ‘unlisted,’ make sure to click the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom of the page.

To share an unlisted video, email the URL for the video to The subject line of the email must contain your Full Name and the words “MTI II Audition.”