Frequently Asked Questions

What is Summer of Dance?

Summer of Dance is a nine week dance intensive offering twelve classes a week in different styles. The courses focus on developing skill, increasing your dance vocabulary, sweating, and having fun. Combinations are not repeated so if you miss a class, you’re not behind.

This program is not about competing. We create community and encourage each other to push beyond our boundaries and develop a stronger level of physical control and expression. The program is designed for the theatre student who is looking for a place to brush up their skills and advance their abilities to help nail the next dance audition. All of the instructors have a vast knowledge of theatre and concert dance and have been teaching with us for many years.

What types of shoes should I wear? Does it matter?

Appropriate footwear will help facilitate faster learning. Wearing tennis shoes/sneakers might be appropriate for hip hop but they will not serve the same purpose in musical theatre or turns and leaps. We recommend the following:

Tap: Tap shoes are recommended, but they don’t have to be expensive. You can buy a relatively inexpensive pair to start. As your skill level increases, you can invest in a more expensive pair of shoes. If you are a beginner and not sure if you will continue training choose the thrifty option.

Musical Theatre, Turns and Leaps, Burlesque/Fosse: Select jazz sneakers, jazz slippers, character shoes (for women or men), or some footwear made for dancers. These shoes will allow you the flexibility and support you need. In the case of character shoes, it will be helpful to learn in the type of shoe in which you will typically be performing. An investment in a good pair of shoes is an investment in your progress. You will find a wide variety of options and price types.

Ballet and/or Contemporary: Ballet slippers are considered the best option, but some people prefer bear claws or socks. These shoes will allow the dancer the ability to work the foot and feel how the foot connects with the floor.

Hip Hop: You may select tennis shoes, dance sneakers, or regular sneakers. Just make sure that you have adequate support for your foot type.

What’s the difference between a JR class and the 16+ class?

JR (Junior) classes differ by the song choices and are slightly shorter in length. The actual training is the same. In order to offer the same amount of classes for a pass holder per week, we are allowing JRs to attend the 6pm 16+ classes. Other classes are not open to JR dancers. Similarly, the JR classes are not open to adult dancers.

Can I video the combinations in class?

Video recording in class is allowed only with instructor permission and the permission of other dancers in the video. Posting of the video on Facebook or other social media is only allowed with the same permission and the choreographer must be credited appropriately. In an effort to maintain an environment where everyone feels safe and free to make bold choices, we ask for this courtesy.

What if I’m late to class? Can I still join the fun?

Always ask the instructor if you may join the class when arriving late. For your safety, also make sure to go through your regular warm ups. It is solely the dancer’s responsibility to make sure that their body is ready to dance. Instructors have asked that you do not join a class if you are more than 10 minutes late.

I’m a 16+ dancer, may I take a JR class?

16+ dancers are not allowed in the JR. classes.

I am excited to attend Summer of Dance for the first time! What’s the advantage of getting a PASS?

The passes (either a one month pass or an All You Can Dance Pass (two month pass) are designed to make dance training affordable to the dancer who plans to attend multiple classes. They are recommended for dancers who are committed to attending an average of 2-3 classes a week. The drop in rate is $10 and is meant for someone who can only attend a few classes throughout the program. By buying a pass, you are making a commitment to attend.  The purchase of a pass is non-refundable.

I’ve never taken dance before. Which classes should I attend?

Beginner dancers should try the Musical Theatre 1 and Tap 1 classes first. All the other classes are geared for the more advanced dancer and might prove challenging. In an effort to accommodate all ability levels, beginning classes are designed for newer dancers and higher level classes are designed for more accomplished dancers. Dancers are welcome to attend any class they choose, but should be aware that instructors will focus skills and choreography to the level of the class.

How do I buy a pass or drop in for a class?

Passes are available online or at the box office. Drop in rates are sold only at the box office, right before the given class begins. Cash or credit/debit cards are accepted. The box office is open until 8:40pm. Reminder: Dancer who are more than 10 minutes late to a class are not permitted to take the class. If a dancer is late to class (less than 10 minutes) they must ask the instructor to join the class.

Where are the classes being held and how do I get to them?

All classes are held at The Phoenix Theatre Company. You will find complete directions here.

The JR classes are held in the Main Stage rehearsal hall. To access this space, enter the glass door to the left of the box office. Walk until you see the stairs on your left and go up to the rehearsal hall. Signs will be posted for your convenience.

The 16+ classes are held in either the Judith Hardes Theatre (during the beginning of summer) or the Mainstage rehearsal hall. Due to performance schedules locations may vary. Visit the box office or check with instructors for the most up to date information.

I’m a PARENT/FRIEND/GUEST. am I allowed to watch classes?

Classes are only open to paying students.  Classes are closed for observation.

We encourage you to wait for class participants in our lobby. Once you enter the building (the glass doors to the left of the box office) continue walking straight. Walk past the stairs to the rehearsal hall, through the door, and enter the lobby.