Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs

Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs

Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs

Jarlath is an award winning copywriter for major NYC agencies, specializing in jingle lyrics, who then joined the BMI, ASCAP and New School Musical Theater Workshops and studied under master poets, Elizabeth Ayres and Naomi Lazard.   She is a member of The Dramatist’s Guild, TRU (Theater Resources Unlimited) and Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle.My writing aims to bring light and fun to the drama of life.

Plays:  LUNCH AT AUDREY’S, an imaginary day with Audrey Hepburn, was recently awarded a reading in the New Works Festival at the Gulf Shore Playhouse in Naples, Florida – directed by Kristen Coury. It was selected from 150 play submissions.

Kristen also directed a reading of this play at the Signature Theater in New York City.

The play is now scheduled for a 7 day reading workshop at the New Works Festival at The Phoenix Theatre Company in Phoenix, January 2019.   It was selected from 800 play submissions.

Musicals in Development: 

Original books and lyrics for MIRACOLO, a love story set in 1895 Italy.  Roberto, a brilliant surgeon on the brink of success and marriage, falls in love with Apollonia, a miracle healer at a spa.  Now he must choose between great love and happiness with a confounding oddball or a conventional life of medicine and mediocrity.

This musical has had 8 readings/staged readings and one special presentation in New York City with Broadway stars, directed by Gabe Barre. MIRACOLO has just been selected for the TRU Voices Reading Series.  Performance at the Actor’s Temple Theater, NYC, January 14, 2019.   


Also in development, original book and lyrics for FIRE ISLAND, a flashback to 1989 when Gabe and Anne immaturely back out of a summer wedding on the beach, but true love gets a second chance 22 years later when Ronoldo and Clark invite them separately to their wedding on July 24, 2011 - the day same sex marriage becomes legal in New York.  

Music for both musicals is by Grammy nominated jazz tango composer, Emilio Solla. 

In MIRACOLO I’ve had fun with the Italians.  In FIRE ISLAND I’ve had fun with the romantic dilemmas of the gay and straight couples on the subject of getting married.

In LUNCH AT AUDREY’S, about Audrey Hepburn, well, she brings her own light. I just tried to capture it.