Ages 4 - 6

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Giggle, Wiggle, Dance!  
May 19, May 21, June 8, June 12, June 15, June 19, June 22, June 26, June 29, July 3
Taught by Lynzee Foreman, Chanel Bragg        

We all need time to get out our giggles and wiggles! Join our teaching artist for 55 minutes of silly dance fun to your favorite songs.

Materials needed: speakers, a space to dance, a great attitude!


One Song Superstar
May 18
Taught by Alexia Lorch

One hour, one song. Can you become a one song superstar? Our amazing teaching artists are ready to challenge your kiddos to learn a song and dance in just ONE hour!

Materials needed: speakers, a space to dance, a great attitude!


Show and Tell
May 19

Get your kiddos out of your hair and into a silly play hour! Using imagination and practicing presenting skills, our teaching artists will utilize items already found in your home to engage your kiddos and encourage storytelling.

Materials needed: a favorite item from around the house, like your favorite toy or book. Please avoid: your pets! (They aren't keen on cameras.)


Actor's Tool Box
May 20, June 10, June 24
Taught by Chanel Bragg

Using a special technique of teaching young students, the actor's toolbox introduces unique ways of accessing voice, body, imagination, concentration and cooperation. Students will have a blast playing through various introductory games and using imagination play.


Storytime Tea
May 22, May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, June 17, June 22, June 29, July 1
Taught by Alexia Lorch, Sussan Sanchez

Has your kiddo been playing princess movies on repeat? Well go ahead and turn off the TV and head over to our Fairytale Tea Time class where stories will be read, tea will be drank and princesses will appear!     


Let's Get Loud
May 22
Taught by Chanel Bragg

What's more fun than finding music in the world around you?! In this class, students learn how to use found objects and their own bodies to create rythyms and make their own songs!

Materials needed: a space to make some noise!


Stuffed Animal Puppetry 
June 12, June 19, June 26, July 3
Taught by Michelle Chin

Want to have even more fun at your next stuffed animal tea party? Learn how puppetry can bring your favorite stuffed friends to life and ignite your imagination!

Materials needed: a stuffed animal.


ROCK! Dance Party
June 18, July 2
Taught by Lynzee Foreman

Designed with YOUR living room in mind, hook up your computer and let us have a silly rock dance party with your students! We're ready to bring the silly and fun to your home! (Silly outfits encouraged.)

Materials needed: speakers, a space to dance, a great attitude!