Ages 7 - 12

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Improv Frenzy
May 20

Improv games are a wonderful way to get your mind and body active, even in your own home! Improv frenzy is all about mental gymnastics and fun.

Dance Party
May 26, June 2, June 9, June 23, June 16, June 30
Taught by Lynzee Foreman

Designed with YOUR living room in mind, hook up your computer and let us have a silly dance party with your students! With different themes every week, we're ready to bring the silly and fun to your home! (Silly outfits encouraged.)

Materials needed: speakers, a space to dance, a great attitude!


Puppet Adventures
May 28, June 4, June 15, June 18, June 29
Taught by Michelle Chin

Nothing says adventure like puppets and storytelling. Join actor Michelle Chin as she takes your kids through classic tales with her puppet buddies!


Stuffed Animal Puppetry
June 11, June 25
Taught by Michelle Chin

Want to have even more fun at your next stuffed animal tea party? Learn how puppetry can bring your favorite stuffed friends to life and ignite your imagination!

Puppetry Part 1
May 29, June 1 - recommended to take parts one and two
Taught by Michelle Chin

Feeling lonely in quarantine? This course will teach you how to create a puppet that can keep you entertained for hours! Using just a sock as a base and lots of creativity you can create a unique puppet character all your own.

Materials needed: a sock; googly eyes, buttons, pom poms, balls, plastic spoons, or pasta shells; felt, fabric, ribbon; yarn, pipe cleaners, feathers or tassels; fabric paint or markers, scissors and hot glue. Advanced sock puppets may use thin cardboard, foam, a sewing kit, and hot glue.


Puppetry Part 2
June 5, June 8 - recommended to take parts one and two 
Taught by Michelle Chin

Puppetry ignites your imagination and challenges your dexterity. A continuation of Puppetry Part 1, this course focuses on Jim Henson puppetry techniques and teaches you how to animate your hand to bring life to sock puppets and foam mouth style puppets.

Materials needed: plastic ring eyeballs, pipe cleaner or twist ties, paper, scissors, glue or tape, and coloring utensils.


Theatre Game Jamboree
June 10 

What is a theatre class with out games? Jump into this class for classic theatre games that can be played from your own home! Get to know other students through this exciting and fun 55 minute session.