The Phoenix Theatre Company Outdoor Venue

Outdoor Venue

Welcome to our Outdoor Season!

We’ve been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever—the moment we could welcome you back to the theatre, and we are so excited to connect with you again! We’ve emerged from this absence a more innovative company, dedicated to providing theatre to our community in a time we all long for the healing that art brings. THANK YOU for your kindness and unwavering support.

Michael Barnard, Producing Artistic Director and Vincent VanVleet, Managing Director

What audiences are saying about our socially-distanced outdoor venue—

"The Phoenix Theatre Company created a venue that I felt as safe from COVID as being in my own back yard. Everyone in Phoenix who is tired of being cooped up at home should get tickets to The Phoenix Theatre Company's outdoor season!"

"The COVID protocols are incredibly strict so if you’re concerned about that aspect, be assured going to this remarkable new outdoor venue is like being in a cocoon! Please support the theatre and these truly incredible performers!"

"Each chair is sanitized and each set of 2 chairs is distanced 6 feet apart. Plus the event is outdoors. We don't get out much but here at The Phoenix Theatre Company we feel completely safe. They take every precaution to keep everyone safe."

"LOVE the performances. Kudos to The Phoenix Theatre Company for trying to keep the Arts going."


Required protocol for all guests

  • Patrons will be required to wear a mask at all times during their visit. Masks may only be taken off while eating or drinking. 
  • Upon arrival all patrons must submit to a mandatory temperature check. Patrons with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to enter the space. Their tickets will be refunded in full and all options to view the performance will be explained. 
  • Numerous hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the property. Patrons will be reminded to wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds through signage in restrooms. 
  • Everyone must maintain a 6-foot distance from anyone not in their party during the entire visit.
  • If any member of a party is feeling sick we require that person to stay home—their ticket can be exchanged or fully refunded. Symptoms of COVID-19 infection include headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, diarrhea, congestion or running nose, and/or a temperature of 100.4 or higher. 

We have made changes to our refund policy in order to support you better. Please let us know if signs of illness or other health issues prevent you from attending your performance.