Festival of New American Theatre

Festival of New American Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre Company announces selections for the 2020 Festival of New American Theatre.

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, The Phoenix Theatre Company is focusing on local playwrights, new voices and previous collaborators and have contributed to the festival’s history and the future of new development at The Phoenix Theatre Company.

The Festival is pleased to announce the following titles and artists as part of the next 100 years of creating the future of theatre.

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yOU caN'T sAY tHAT

February 28 and 29, 2020

By William Missouri Downs and Lucy Wright

You Can’t Say That is a comedy about the labels we attach to each other and how we act as if those labels capture the sum total of who we are. The story centers around Chris, a white newly hired adjunct professor in a diverse English department, who is assigned Dorothy, a transwoman as his TA.  Chris attempts to act ‘woke,” but his ultra-conservative childhood haunts him.  The University’s poorly produced diversity and inclusion training webinar “You Can’t Say That” only complicates things. This quick-moving comedy features a diverse cast and is filled with ridiculous webinars and student-written absurdist plays-within-the-play.


The Relief Society 

March 6 and March 7, 2020

By Angelica Howland

Sister Ashley Brandon has a faithful husband, a fulfilling career she loves and a prestigious calling in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Then in one, out of control moment, everything changes, and Ash is forced to rethink her life and her relationship to everyone and everything in it. 


The Mysterious Disappearance

March 7 and 8, 2020

By Kirt Shineman​​​​​

December 1975, after Christmas, and Agatha Christie must finish her autobiography and the final novel before the new year. Yet, Agatha is fixated on an event in her past when Nancy Neele stole her husband. With Mary Westmacott’s help they contemplate what it would be like to kill Nancy. When Nancy turns up dead, Agatha and Mary investigate. Even though Agatha considered murdering Nancy, did she really do it, or is her reality disappearing? 


The composer and lyricist cabaret

March 8 and 14, 2020

The Composer/Lyricist Cabaret will feature new works by Preston Max Allen and Jessica Kahkoska.

The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd

March 14 and 15, 2020

By Cathy Dresbach and Ben Tyler

As the old song says, “It’s a sin to tell a lie.” For many the name, Winnie Ruth Judd is synonymous with one of the most notorious, bizarre homicide cases in Arizona history. If her name rings a bell, you may think you know this story, but this is the truth about what can happen when love is taken lightly. 


This is the future of theatre.

Thank you to the artists and patrons who made the 2019 Festival of New American Theatre such a wonderful success! For our 100th anniversary season, the Festival is celebrating the playwrights of Phoenix and will not be taking submissions. Please check back January 1st 2020 for an updated submission date for the 2021 festival. In celebration of the 100th anniversary we would like to thank all of the playwrights/composers and lyricists that contributed to the history of our festival.

Abelardo Estorino
Abigail Cline
Alan Gordon
Alan J. Prewitt
Alexander Danner
Alexander Tom
Allan Provost
Amanda Jacobs
Amanda Prahl
Amy EngelHardt
Angelica Howland
Ann-Giselle Spiegler
Anthony Pelham
Anton Dudley
Antony Tamburro-Gouin
Arri Lawton
Ashley Naftule
Ashton Wolf
Atanas Ilitch
Beau Willimon
Ben Sahl
Ben Tyler
Beverly Smith Dawson
Bill Bruehl
Brad Bond
Brandon Wicke
Brett Hursey
Brett Simmons
Brock Norman Brock
Carolyn Gardner
Carrie Luz
Charlie Stevens
Chip Bolcik
Chris Shaw Swanson
Christian Krauspe
Clint Edwards
Colleen Porter
Craig Bohmler
Craig Thorton
Dale Wasserman
Dan Allen
Daniel Hahn
Daniel Neiden
Danny Cahill
Dave Osmundsen
David Brush
David Don Miller
David Rush
David Van Asselt
David Wiener
Dean McClure
Debra Rich Gettleman
Deirdre Girard
Donna Hoke
Dove Attia
Elaine Romero
Emilie Dautricourt
Eric Coble
Erin Kong
Evan Baughfman
Frawley Becker
Gary Bonasorte
Germaine Shames
Glenn Alterman
Grant Woods
Guillermo Reyes
Hadise Acikgoez
Hal Corley
Hannah Stewart
Jack Heifner
Jake Jay
James Christy
James Garcia
James McLure
Janet Neipris
Janine McGuire
Jarleth Barsanti-Jacobs
Jason Milligan
Jean-Pierre Pilot
Jim Papoulis
JoAnn Yeoman
John Blaylock
John F. Levin
John Perovich
Jonathan Ivie
Jonathan Rosenberg
Jose Zarate
Judith Pratt
Julie Janson
June Rachelson-Ospa
Justice Hehir
Kathy Conry
Kelly Pekar
Ken Kaissar
Ken Love
Kenneth Heaton
Kevin Frei
Kim Porter
Kirt Shineman
Kris Bauske
Larissa Brewington
Laura Neubauer
Leigh Kennicott
Leland Frankel
Leslie Powell
Luke Yankee
Lynette Wright
Marc Jacobs
Mario El Caponi Mendoza
Marion Adler
Mark Cornell
Mark Gaylord
Matthew Fowler
Michael Barnard
Michael Cooper
Michael McKeevar 
Michael Mott
Michael Yichao
Monte Merrick
Nadav Wiesel
Nathan Sanders
Nicolas Luciani
Oliver Scultheis
Pasha Yamotahari
Patrick Marconcini
Philip Dawkins
Phillipe Uminski
Rachal Peters
Rachel Dean
Remi Lacroix
Rich Orloff
Richard Warren
Robert Brophey
Robert Caisley
Robin Rice Lichtig
Rod Hayward
Rodrique Ianois
Ryan Lott
Sally Jo Bannow
Scott MacCarrey
Scott Withers
Sheila Cowley
Sherry Page
Stefan Fernande
Stefanie Zadravec
Stephen Kaplan
Steve Karp
Susan Braden
Thomas Coash
Tira Palmquist
Todd Berger
Tom Diggs
Tony Latham
Vincent Baguian
Wendy Graf
Will Hightower 
William Rousseau
Y York